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The position of Tammer Diesel as a Nordic engine rebuilder is significant. Our experience, expertise and the right suppliers provide us with the capability to repair all engines, without compromising on the quality of the work and components. All of the engines we work on are repaired by experienced professionals in a modern engine repair shop. Our customer base is as broad a spectrum as the engines we repair, from private individuals to large companies. In addition to the repairing of engines for our customers, we also stock off-road exchange engines for immediate shipment. In engine matters, we are a safe choice for both professionals and amateurs.

Remanufactured engines

We stock Volvo Penta, Volvo CE, Scania, Perkins and Cummins engines for various applications, such as working machine tools, port equipment, crushing plants and vehicles. Our heavy vehicle reconditioned are dyno tested and are immediately ready to be taken into use. All of the reconditioned engines we supply have a warranty, when the engine is installed into place in accordance with the agreement. We can assist, if necessary, in removing and mounting the engine. We can also supply reconditioned engines quickly to Northern Europe. Substitute engines are to be returned after the mounting of the recondiotioned engine to Tammer Diesel, unless otherwise agreed upon.

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Spare parts

Our extensive collection of spare parts for heavy vehicles includes, among others, cylinder heads, pistons, bearings, repair packages, turbochargers and diesel parts. We also possess the following brands: Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Baldwin, Elring, Mahle, Kolbenschmidt, OMP, Pierburg, TRW, SLP, Stanadyne and Victor Reinz. We supply parts for all heavy-vehicle engines.

Over the decades, we have created supply lines to the originators of the engine components, as well as to replacement spare parts manufacturers renowned for their quality, thus ensuring the best results. Our comprehensive supplier networks enable us to offer repair services and spare parts for all engines and at competitive prices. Our spare parts customers include both consumers and companies, such as repair shops. Whether a matter concerns an engine, diesel or service spare part, our knowledgeable personnel will assist the customer in selecting the best option.

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Diesel repair & service

We are one of the best-equipped diesel repair shops in Finland. As an authorized Bosch Diesel Center, Stanadyne distributor and VDO service facility, we are able to provide comprehensive and high-quality diesel repair services and replacement parts for a great many needs. We can proudly offer up-to-date testing technology and high-quality diesel spare parts, as well as highly qualified diesel specialists.

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Engine inquiry

Find out in advance the type and serial number of the engine you are inquiring about. With passenger cars and vans, it is important to find out the registration number. In heavy vehicle engine matters, we usually need the work engine type, engine and injection pump number. We need this information in order to ensure the correct engine.

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